"The primary goal of fluid stewardship is to optimise clinical outcomes while minimising unintended consequences of intravenous fluid administration."

[1] Malbrain M., Rice T.W., Mythen M., Wuyts S. It is time for improved fluid stewardship. ICU Management & Practice, Volume 18 - Issue 3, 2018.

About Blippit® Meds

Read the journal article from Clinical Safety Officer Alistair Gray

Fluid stewardship in East Lancashire hospitals: Journal Article

Leading the charge for championing fluid stewardship with Blippit® Meds is our Clinical Safety Officer, Alistair Gray who is the Clinical Services Lead Pharmacist and now Chief Information Officer for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Clinical Safety Officer Alistair Gray

A 'just in time' approach to risk management

A video to set the fluid prescribing scene

Blippit® Meds' proactively seeks to manage risk for all users through an approach of 'just in time' advisory information and examples where a clinician may be faced with infrequently experienced clinical term. Blippit® Meds offers learning at the point of need as a strategy to help users manage risks in patient care through well informed fluid stewardship.

Blippit® Meds will be publishing more information soon.

A Development Partnership

The benefits of Blippit® Meds include; significantly improved fluid prescribing following the NICE Clinical Guideline 174, cost-savings and mobile access to in-house clinician-curated knowledge for specialist healthcare teams.
East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Our Mission

Blippit Meds
In 2019, in conjunction with the Royal Blackburn Hospital, part of East Lancashire Health Trust, we designed and developed Blippit Meds app to serve Critical Care colleagues with in-house quality checked information at the point of need. Within a year from launch, working closely with Clinicial  Services Lead Pharmacist Alistair Gray, we took on the challenge to deliver against new requirements to meet the needs of deployment across departments at the hospital.

To help raise the profile of fluid stewardship, Blippit® Meds was used to support the clinicians' role in fluid stewardship across the Trust is a major focus of Blippit® Meds. In 2021, the Blippit® Meds platform went live across the East Lancashire Heath Trust delivering guidelines and monographs while fluid stewardship algorithmic calculation tools were being developed for release in 2022.